We are what we eat? Part 1

If you follow our blog and posts, you know that Della and I are very concerned with our own health and that of our friends. We spend a lot of time reading about ways to improve. We want to die young as late as possible 🙂 The difficulty is finding the truth.  How do we … Read more

Canada Food Guide Update

Nothing changes without controversy.  After the Canada Food Guide was changed several weeks ago, parties on both sides are discussing the pro and cons of the new guide lines. To me this discussion, illustrates the problem with the old guide. That it was influenced by special interest groups. I am not a scientist. My interest … Read more

In Reply to Forks over Knives

Netflix has several videos on the state of our health and food supply. This is a review of a film originally released in 2011 called Forks over Knives. The title hints at its better to use your fork to improve your health than a surgery to correct a problem. I like to educate myself about health … Read more

Reply to In Defense of Food

The most balanced, least sensationalist Netflix Health show I’ve found is “In Defence of Food” by Professor of Journalism, University of California,  Michael Pollan. That’s not to say there are not frightening claims made, there are but they are not sensationalized like in most other Netflix videos. I’m going to list my takeaways here to … Read more

Comments on Let Food by thy Medicine

If you are concerned about your health, what is a healthy diet or wondering if diets are  healthy you should watch this webinar. Let Food by Thy Medicine Just in case, the webinar isn’t available I’ve attached my notes and screen shots from the video. This information is from a U of C webinar called Let … Read more

One Simple Change

Where do I start? It can be a daunting decision that can freeze you into inaction. The most important thing is to start. It’s never too late. I have to say sooner is better.  It was a decision that was forced upon me in my 40’s. I can confirm it is never too late. What … Read more

What a Summer of 2018!!!

We just returned from hosting at the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. We began early April and just returned October 12th. We’ve been super busy since getting back with repairing windows, hot water heaters, volunteering with CHAPS and Helping Hands, visiting, exercising, and updating this site from WordPress to a hosted site. There are lots of … Read more