“On any given day”

On any given day I could be A landscaper A network analyst A plumber A mechanic A carpenter A painter A publicist A photographer A campground host An electrician A tour guide A speaker And I just used to be a Deputy Chief in Emergency Services. Loving retirement

Practicing Gratitude

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with my hands. But, here at the campground thats pretty much all I do. I enjoy the chance to do something new, have new challenges all in a low stress environment. The past few days, I’ve been building picnic tables. I’ve never been good with hand tools … Read more

Cheap Food Part 2

This is part 2 of a followup on a webinar from U of Calgary called “Is our food turning against us?” In the 1950’s fast food began to flourish. The more we became addicted to fast and cheap food, the harder it is to change. The cost of our poor eating habits are higher than … Read more

We are what we eat? Part 1

If you follow our blog and posts, you know that Della and I are very concerned with our own health and that of our friends. We spend a lot of time reading about ways to improve. We want to die young as late as possible 🙂 The difficulty is finding the truth.  How do we … Read more