Nature is so smart, the one problem is.

Let’s start off with a video of the importance of having fruit and vegetables in your diet.

This video talks about all the substantial benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables. The video is a few years old. The number of servings per day has changed since then. Here is some info from the 2018 version of Canada Health Guide that recommends 7-10 servings depending on your age and gender.

The current Canada Health Guide is less specific about servings. However, we recommend 7-13 servings per day. Here is a link to a Doctor we listen to and respect,

What is the 1 problem I mentioned in the title? Well, two really.

  1. Produce, especially for us in Canada is grown and shipped from 1000’s of kilometres away. That means it is picked before its ripened and shipped. It ripens on the transport so it looks good when it hits the supermarket. Once picked the nutritional value is halted.
  2. Eating 7-13 servings of fruit and vegetables each day is a big change in habits for most of us. 

For these two reasons, we take Juice Plus products every day so that we receive the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables daily.

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