Travellin’ Tower Garden

We love adding fresh vegetables to our daily protein shakes. We prefer to grow our own. That’s no small challenge during a Canadian winter or while we’re in the RV during the summer. We’ve come up with a solution though. It’s called Tower Garden and its an aeroponic, soil free, weed free, quick, efficient way … Read more

Pause, reset, dream

Events this week made me consider other peoples circumstances during this period of social isolation. First off, Della and I are both well. We’ve adapted to a very comfortable schedule of house and yard work, preparing home cooked meals, baking, reading, writing, staying in touch with family and friends, volunteering  and learning about new subjects. … Read more

Is our food killing us?

Has your Doctor talked to you about nutrition? Mine did, for years my family physician told me to lose weight. That didnt sink in because overall, I was feeling fine. What I didn’t know and refused to accept was that my lifestyle was killing me. Eventually, it caught up to me and I had a … Read more

What will the pause change?

We’ve been isolating ourselves since March 5th. Many local governments are releasing cautious plans to reopen. What will we learn from this Pause? We ponder that question in this blog. First off, it’s been along time since I posted on this site. Well, I have been writing. One of my volunteer positions is with the … Read more