The Resort

Staying at Desert Breezes Resort in Desert Springs, we’re enjoying consistent 65-80°F weather, despite an unusual day of heavy rain. The resort offers ample activities with pools, sports facilities, and e-bikes for local exploration, despite harrowing nearby traffic. Accommodations are comfortable and well-supported by staff, complete with amenities such as a kitchen and laundry. The environment is enriched with wildlife sounds and a serene fountain, enhancing our experience.

2023 Summer of mixed weather

So far we’ve had beautiful moderate weather, some real scorchers, powerful wind storms, some hail, straight down rain, and of course smoke. Smoke has been the most constant weather factor. We see it or smell it at least once a week. Thankfully, just smoke and no major fires in the vicinity.

Have you tried Mouse Lights.

RV mouse lights

We’ll have you? We’ve always admired RV’s with LED lights. I’m not sure they provide much light but they are beautiful. One of our guests from the US laid down a string of LED lights around their RV. He called them mouse lights. He explained that mice are nocturnal and won’t cross the bright lights. … Read more