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How to choose a Nutritional Product

We’ve spent our lives trying different nutritional supplements. We relied on recommendations from friends and what we hear in the media and advertising. We’ve tried a lot of products.

I can’t think of one we found prior to 3 years ago that we still use and recommend. We did find 1 three years ago that changed everything.

What’s the difference? Well,  I retired early because my health was failing. I had serious inflammation, gout was non-stop and I feared I was on a path to a second heart issue. Of course, I relied on my Doctor. He sent me to a Heart Clinic and to a year-long weight loss and lifestyle choice course. And I was prescribed medication.

The year-long lifestyle course made me want to become an advocate for my own health and to become more knowledgeable. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t sceptical about nutritional products, my experience had made me doubtful.

I have learned there are some key points to look for in any nutritional product:


Are the ingredients real food are ingredients? If your body doesn’t understand how to use the product,  your body is going to eliminate it. Your money is wasted and your health won’t benefit. To be valuable, the product must reach your bloodstream.

What does the label say? It’s better to consume nutrition than man-made supplements.

Scientific Research

Does the product itself (not ingredients in the product) have third-party, independent, double-blind placebo-controlled, published research proving it does something good for the body? If it does, it’s probably worth taking.

It’s important the research is done by third parties. Research done on an ingredient of a product or in companies internal lab will not provide valuable information for you to make a choice.

Warning Labels

Who can take the product? If pregnant or nursing moms, children or those with immune system issues cant take it are you sure you want to?


Have you seen the news from New York about nutritional products not having whats on the label? There are third-party companies that certify whats on the label is in the product.

Company Rating

I’m sure you want to trust your health to a reputable company.

Over the years, the only company and product that have met my criteria is Juice Plus+ Yes, I’ve become a distributor. Why would I not tell my friends, family, and people I meet the benefits of a product that has done so much to improve my life?

I’ve listed a few of my favorite articles and videos about the benefits:

Science behind Juice Plus+

Cholesterol and Inflammation

Cancer Study at MD Anderson

BBB Rating for Juice Plus+

BBB Screenshot

The value of Vision Boards

Sound hokey, I thought so too until I learned from my experience and coaches.

Example 1
Example Vision Board

A Vision Board is just putting your goals and dreams on paper and looking at it every day. Your dreams and on paper are key.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always set professional goals. Less often personal goals. These goals were sometime imposed by bosses, never hand written and never did I allow myself to listen to my body and dream.

Our business introduced Della and I to Vision Boards. 2018 will be the second year we’ve held a session in our home.

Lessons Learned:

  1. It’s important to set aside time to dream. Your dreams are what you should put on your vision board. Don’t let your intellect tell you what’s possible,  let your dreams tell you what will make you happy.
  2. Conversely, it’s always good to record what scares you too. The thing about that is not to record your fears but the opposite. For me, I have been worried about paying month end bills. My fear had been that I wouldn’t be able to provide the lifestyle my wife and I enjoy throughout our retirement. My goal for this year will be financial abundance. It’s always necessary to state your goal in the positive manner. Why, well no matter your beliefs, I’ve experienced that what you think, affects your actions and becomes your outcome. Stated another way, whatever you put out to the Universe you get back. Yet a third way, if it’s God’s plan.
  3. Focus on the goal not the obstacles. No matter the size of the goal, focus on it. Don’t focus on the lack that you think may stand in your way. If you focus on the goal, you’ll find a way to overcome each obstacle. That leads to the next point.
  4. Focussed energy creates powerful results. Your goals must be in front of you every day. You have to see them, remind yourself of what’s important to you to avoid the thousands of distractions you will encounter.
  5. You have to be aware of conflicting beliefs. If you have a goal of financial abundance and spending more time with your family those goals may conflict. You”ll need to negotiate with your family or customers to achieve both.
  6. Visualization is great for reinforcing that your goals are attainable. I understand that if you visualize an event that your mind is effected just as if you were at that event.
  7. I’ve learned from our coach Eddie LeMoine that our thoughts create our actions, our actions create our outcomes.
  8. Another lesson from Eddie:
    • Imagine the outcome in the present tense. For example if you have a weight loss goal, imagine yourself at your target weight and what you’ll have to become to be at that weight. Think about how good you’ll feel, how you’ll look, what clothes you’ll need to buy, what exercise you’ll be doing, how you’ll eat.
    • Another weight loss tip. Don’t set a specific weight goal, set a goal of the number of kilograms your going to lose. If you set a goal of losing 5 kgs you’ll likely gain then lose those 5 kgs ending up where you started. If you set a goal of reaching 50 kgs weight, your mind will cooperate and your goal is attainable.
  9. Your goals must be hand written and on paper. It seems your mind connects when you write them out first then create a Vision Board. I used a computer program last year, not this year. My vision board will be on paper although I will likely take a photo and put that as my computer desktop.
Example 2
Out front and visible

10. Another coach tells us that we must limit our goals to 3. She believes that keeps you on point and avoids distraction. I’m behind her on focus but the number concerns me. I’m suggesting you set attainable, meaningful, reasonable goals. I think more than 10 is too much, 3 may be to little.

11. Finally, you have to become receptive. You do deserve to achieve your goals. You do deserve compliments on how you look. You deserve what you desire. Put the work in and be receptive to the results.

Example 3

— end —

Healthy is the new Skinny

I can’t count how many diets I’ve tried in my life. I’ve been successful at some. I remember a shake diet I was on for a month or so. I lost 10 kgs. I also remember how hard it was to drink that shake and how much I craved a burger and fries.

Well guess what, I put those kilos back on and a few more for good measure. The one consistent item from all those diets was as soon as I stopped dieting, the weight came back.

What did I learn from those diets?

  1. that I’ll always have a weight problem.
  2. that I’ll have health issues in retirement
  3. that diets don’t work.
  4. that I don’t have the right genes

Notice a trend, all negative thoughts.

Then we I reached my fifties and Della and I started to think about retirement; I started to have health issues. I already had an episode of cardiomyopathy, I gained a lot of weight, I had high blood pressure, I had joint issues, and I was worried about my memory which was failing; a lot. My Doctor prescribed medication and got me into the local clinic where took a year long course on health and nutrition. For getting us into the clinic, we are forever grateful. We learned about portion control, using smaller plates, serving from the stove to trick yourself into not taking a second portion, exercise, the danger of sugar. All these things helped and started us along our journey to better health.

I retired but Della kept at work for a year or so. One of her co-workers suggested a product that she thought would help. Della was ready but I wasn’t. Our friend mentioned it from time to time and offered to explain further. Not for me, I know better until one day I couldn’t take the joint pain any longer and agreed. We started on the smallest amount of product that I thought we could. I was not interested in the business as I’m not a salesman and didn’t want to pester my family and friends. I’m sure Della felt the same.

I had been walking with a cane but within 4 months the joint pain was substantially gone and so was the cane. That made me think; hey wait a minute; could I be wrong? I was dead wrong and it was only the first of the lessons I was about to learn.

Diets are not the answer. Being Skinny is not the answer. Being healthy should be the goal. As this product began to heal my system; I had more energy, slept longer and deeper, my joint pain subsided, and inflammation began to dissipate.

Health is the new skinny

We increased our product order so that we could take full doses every day. We also became distributors because we knew good nutrition would benefit everyone we know. That has become our why and no longer feel uncomfortable recommending this product. Why should we, people recommend books, restaurants and movies all the time. Why should we feel uncomfortable recommending good nutrition.

We started to attend health seminars. I learned that the shake product in our line is good for knee issues. Well, I had that problem every time I climbed the stairs in our 2 storey home. Again, within the first 4 months my knee pain is substantially gone. This shake product does not taste chalky like the ones I’d tried earlier.

dont focus on the skinny

At these seminars we noticed how happy and healthy the attendees were. Why not, they are entrepreneurs who are helping people improve their health and their finances. As a former Deputy Chief in an Emergency Services department who was missing the sense of service I had experienced in my working life, that was another lesson.  As much as I loved helping my community in Emergency Services, I now experience that same level of satisfaction.

Along the way, we learned about Shred10. Its a program to teach you what your eating that effects your health. You also focus on exercise, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, staying hydrated and eating real, whole foods.

I saw something in a supermarket the other day that really brought it home for me about what we put in our bodies. Some broccoli fell on the floor of the supermarket. It laid on a carpet for at least 5 minutes. I thought about returning it but that didn’t feel right. After all, the 5 second rule had long expired. Eventually an employee picked it up and put it back where it came from. That made it clear to me how much our produce is handled, what could be put on it, where its grown and when did it ripen. This is our answer to eating real food. Our garden grows indoors in our kitchen all winter long. It easily provides fresh greens for both of us.

tower garden dec 2017

— End —

Being skinny wont make you happy

Williams Lake Stampede Campground review (Update)

I’m happy to update a review of the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. My last review was a couple of seasons ago. At the time my only concern was the poor WiFi connection. Since we run our business and are avid Internet users a speedy connection is important to us.

The Campground has run fibre and installed three antennas around the campground. Connections from every camp site are excellent.

New gate to the Grounds by Pioneer Log Homes

The campground is right in the City Of Williams Lake beside the Stampede Grandstand. It’s easy to locate and get big rigs around in. The campsite has 82 stalls with 8 pull throughs with 50 amp service for the large units. There are also 5 pull throughs with 30 amp service.  All sites except tenting have water, power and sewer connections. The washrooms are clean and modern. Showers are coin operated and allow 6-8 minutes of hot water.

The campground has a small, clean laundry. Since the camp site is right in town its close to all the amenities of a small city.

On line reservations are allowed at

The 91st Annual Williams Lake Stampede is June 29th to July 2nd, 2017. The Stampede is famous for the Mountain Race. It’s been modified since the early days and no longer comes from high on the mountain. Still exciting though and a show of horsemanship.


Office at the campground Gate notice the sign about horses.

Locals store their horses in one of the many on-site barns. Horses and riders are often visible. Carnivals and trade shows are also held on site through out the summer.


Our campsite

While you’re in Williams Lake, take a drive out west to the Chilcotin. It’s a beautiful, fascinating area. It does help to have a guide to hear more of the history of the area. It’s home to the Gang Ranch, one of the largest ranches in North America.

Also a must see is Barkerville, a gold rush town near Quesnel. It’s a look to the past where cultures met and took gold from the ground.

I have to come clean, since we arrived and I started this post, we were offered the maintenance job at the campground. We’re so pleased that we can stay in the area longer, visit family and friends and learn more about this fascinating, beautiful area of British Columbia.

. . .

What we’ve learned about the Gut Microbiome

We attended a session by Dr. Mitra Ray called Who Should Eat several weeks ago.

The strange title kind of intrigued us. She spoke of the gut micro biome that I’d never heard of. Della and I have spent the last ten years on improving our health. This is the first time its come up.

Mitra Ray Crowd
She drew a large crowd
She told us about the rise in autoimmune diseases that’s reaching epidemic proportions. The list of diseases associated with the micro-biome is huge and includes:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Breast cancer
  • Celiac
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Colon Cancer
  • Crohns
  • Depression
  • Food allergies
  • Hypertension
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Lupus
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s
  • Prostate Cancer

Autoimmune disease on the rise

Dr. Ray contends that a healthy gut biome is critical to our good health. If you have ever been born by cesarean, used antibiotics, eaten gluten, sugary foods, fish, diary, milk regularly, did not play outdoors in the dirt as a child you may not have a strong micro-biome. Look at your micro-biome as a lawn. If you kill the lawn what grows back, weeds.

All diseases begin in the Gut – Hippocrates

You can repair your biome by taking probiotics which contain helpful bacteria like yogurt or supplements. But, you cant buy your micro biome, its specific to your body. The second way is to feed it which she considers the most powerful. Lastly, you can attempt to replace it.

Dr. Ray is a strong proponent of a plant based diet. Della and I are finding our health improves as we consume more and more plants. I doubt that we’ll ever completely move to a plant based diet. However, our portions of beef, chicken, fish are much smaller than they once were.

We’ve learned that the phyto-nutrients (plant nutrients) working in synergy with each other can repair the damage to your body. This is unlike the man made chemicals in vitamins.

Dr. Ray presented a similar talk in Birmingham last year.

YouTube video



A Look back at the summer of 2016

It was wonderful. We spent the majority of the summer in the RV. We hit Drumheller, Rimbey  and Redwater in Alberta; Williams Lake, Sicamous, Penticton and Quesnel in BC. Being in the RV allows us to visit friends and family. Its wonderful to renew old friendships and make some new ones. It’s very special to be able to run a business anywhere and impact so many peoples health and livelihood.

If there is a downside, most campgrounds have poor internet connections. If we didn’t have a online business I would care less. I don’t understand campgrounds that have poor Internet. Most people I know like to stay in touch by email at the very least. I know we’re a little different in wanting a constant, reliable, fairly quick Internet to conduct business. But still, come on campground owners. We always comment on locations that dont allow us to check our email at the very least.

Here’s a video with a brief description and lots of photos of our summer.

Summer 2016 on Youtube


Update to Wifi Ranger review

We’ve put the R.V. away for the winter. I’ve been spending time updating and preparing for next March.

I’ve hooked up the WiFi Ranger Go and Elite routers to our home wireless network. They work beautifully delivering speeds nearing 18 meg. Even my old laptop performs well when connected. It appears a good Internet connection in the campground is the answer. Speeds are reported by the routers themselves and I have combined the signal from both routers. I’ll update this review when I can determine up and download speeds.

Last summer, we stayed in certain campgrounds where I found administering the routers a chore. At nights so much of one I turned them off. We did stay in one campground that had multiple WiFi antennas and that experience was a joy.

By the way, the Go router is built into the device you can plug LAN cables in. The Elite router is in the external antennae. The Elite Antennae makes a lot more networks visible.

With this experience, I’m looking forward to next summer. We’ll be able to stay in touch and run our Juice Plus business from the RV. We are going back to that certain campground. I’ll speak to their management about improving their WiFi connection.

. . .