Is our food killing us?

Has your Doctor talked to you about nutrition?

Mine did, for years my family physician told me to lose weight. That didnt sink in because overall, I was feeling fine. What I didn’t know and refused to accept was that my lifestyle was killing me.

Eventually, it caught up to me and I had a heart event. My Doctor got me on a year long health and wellness course that helped to open my eyes. Also fear of dying or spending the last half of my life on a couch scared me.

Health care is expensive. I don’t think that contract negotiations during a pandemic when health care workers are risking their lives and families is smart or warranted. I would rather our focus shift to what were eating that’s killing us and hospitalizing us far too early

I’m not one of those extreme converts either. I don’t believe in a total vegetarian diet or eliminating meat. I do believe in:

  • the 80/20 rule. Eat whole, unprocessed food 80 percent of the time, Treat yourself on occasion.
  • When I was a kid on the ranch I could have a 12-16 ounce steak whenever I wanted one. I now believe we should reduce the amount of meat we eat. I know I feel better now and it has made a difference. I have no criticism of Ranchers. I know they are doing their best to feed the world and save the planet.
  • Move your body 30 minutes every other day. 
  • Ensure you get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. This has been the biggest improvement for me. I did not realize how little sleep I used to get and how poorly it made me feel. You cant catch up on the weekend by the way.
  • Drink more water. Like a lot of men, I didn’t drink much water. Again, this makes a big difference. My joint pain is virtually gone. When I treat myself, don’t drink enough water or get exercise my body complains and joint pain results.
  • On that note, I do listen to my body. I know that are bodies are designed to last our whole lives if we take care. Telling yourself I’m just getting old is a lie you tell yourself.
  • Eat whole, unprocessed food. Look at food labels when you’re shopping.
  • Being healthy isn’t about being skinny. But if you’re following all these guidelines, it’s likely you will loose weight.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Here is a link to US News. We have exactly the same problem here. 

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