The Science behind Juice Plus+

Della and I are Juice Plus+ lifers. Why? Two main reasons. We know it’s improved our health AND it’s backed up by research.

What do I mean by research. A fair number of companies now claim they have research. No they don’t, not like this. Juice Plus+ is the number one researched product of its kind in the world. Read More
Research conducted by Juice Plus+ is:

  • randomized
  • double-blind
  • placebo controlled
  • tested on the product itself
  • human clinical trials
  • published in peer-reviewed journals
  • ethical

Juice Plus+ has a very high impact factor. Meaning the research is stronger and more valuable. Research conducted has been done by very credible hospitals and universities around the world, not by internal company labs.

What has the research found?

  1. The nutrients in Juice Plus+ are bio-available. Meaning your body recognizes the nutrients and uses them.  This is not the case with many supplements and vitamins which are excreted from your body.  In order to be bio-available, the nutrient must reach your bloodstream. 19 studies have found the nutrients in Juice Plus+ increase the antioxidants in your blood.
  2. Adults have seen improvements in gum bleeding, a reduction in plaque build up and improved pocket depth.
  3. Heart Health. This is a study that really interested me since I have had heart issues. “Juice Plus+ produces positive effects on several measures of vascular health.”
  4. Immune system. Studies have shown the severity of upper respiratory challenges, reduced missed work days, and increases in the number and activity of immune cells in the body.
  5. Since there is a history of cancer in my family this is another study near and dear to me. The antioxidants in Juice Plus+ have been shown to reduce DNA damage. Research also shows the level of inflammation was changed beneficially after Juice Plus+ intervention.
  6. Reduces oxidative stress by increasing anti-oxidant levels in the body.  An explanation of Oxidative stress at
  7. Healthy skin. Juice Plus+ increases micro-circulation and boosts skin hydration, thickness and density.
  8. Systemic Inflammation. I believe inflammation is the source of most illness. Juice Plus+ has been shown to decrease levels of several key bio-markers of inflammation.
  9. Quality of Life. A study of ovarian cancer survivors Juice Plus+ improved quality of life, phyto-nutrient markers and cell health.
  10. Obesity. A study conducted on boys 6-10 years saw increased beta-carotene levels, improved insulin resistance and reduced abdominal fat.
  11. Lung Health. Improves lung function and diffusion capacity

Source: Juice Plus+ Clinical Research Quick Reference Guide.
All of the research studies are available individually. The Quick Reference Guide was recently produced and puts all the research under one cover using commonly used language.

The Science behind Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is the most researched brand name nutritional product of its kind in the world.
The latest study was just released.

I’m excited about this study because it reflects my experience. I reduced my LDL cholesterol from 2.97 to 1.15 after 4 months on Juice Plus+. Taking medication for 8 years did not reduce my cholesterol more than a point and it wasn’t sustained.
I’m ecstatic to hear that our genes are not our destiny. My Grandmother died of Cancer so that’s always been a concern of mine. A study done by 3 universities confirms that Juice Plus+ helps to protect DNA.
A summary of the research done by the company is here:
Juice Plus+ Research
The company pays for the research but does not pay for the answer. Research is done by outstanding Universities and research facilities the world over. You can’t buy their answer. Over the last 20 years Juice Plus+ has conducted 37 studies. Each one has confirmed the value of Juice Plus+.
This is different from most companies. Most companies don’t have the science to back them up or the science was conducted by their own lab.
Take a look at the facilities that have done the research and their results.
Research Facilities and results
And the research continues:

  • Juice Plus+ effect on cell health
  • Periodontal gum health
  • Healthy healing after wisdom tooth extraction
  • Reducing oxidative stress markers in overweight women

Upcoming Research
It’s this depth of scientific studies that allows Della and I to recommend Juice Plus+ to our family and friends. We’ve experienced the benefits and the science backs us up.
Finally, one of my favorite speakers is Dr. Richard Dubois. He is the former Chief of Internal Medicine at the Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, with a specialty in infectious diseases. Dr. DuBois expounds upon the importance of proper nutrition — especially from fruits and vegetables — to overall health.

Dr. Dubois talks about taking personal responsibility for our health.

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