I get so frustrated watching people walk.

I was thinking about people and how they walk just yesterday. Today, Della asked me to look at people standing in the bank. Both times everyone around us obviously were having problems walking or standing. They looked like they were in pain.

Not so long ago, this was us too. Just 5 years ago I walked with a cane due to gout. Della couldn’t walk without shuffling due to fibromyalgia.

Part of me just wants to shake people. Don’t they know they are doing it to themselves. Don’t they know that pain is not a part of getting old. Of course they don’t. We didn’t know. We had friends try to tell us but we knew better.

For me, it changed when i could not stand the pain any more. Della was quicker and smarter to catch on. We’ve had some friends introduce us to a product and a business that has helped us expand our knowledge about our health and more importantly improve our health without increasing our use of medication.

We’ve come to know that our bodies have a great capacity to heal itself. However, we can’t go on doing the same things and expect changes. Our learnings include:

  • Eat more whole, unprocessed food.
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Do we still rely on Doctors, You bet. We’re just more informed and more involved in our own health care. I don’t understand people that go to Doctors for help, get medicine but don’t make lifestyle changes. Sorry, but I believe if you’re not willing to make lifestyle changes you’re wasting your Doctors time and costing society massive amounts of money.

I no longer need a cane; I can walk into a store quickly, climb stairs, work outside all day with no joint pain. Della no longer shuffles and can walk by bending her knees.

If you have questions about what we’ve done, agree with me or disagree with me, I’d like you to comment. All I ask is be civil.

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