Tell me more about the price

First off, ask yourself what your health is worth. I know its worth the price of a daily cup of coffee.

I know that before I became aware of the benefits I thought about the cost. But after the first 4 months it never, ever crossed my mind again. I retired my cane to the closet, my energy levels were up, I was sleeping better, the list is quite long.

I have to stress that we’re not in this for the money. We want to help people improve their health and their financial situation first. That goal is always top-of-mind for us.

This is how we recommend you start

We have learned a few things to further moderate the cost:

  1. Join the business and become your own customer. You will earn a portion of the cost of your product. When your friends ask what your doing, let them know about Juice Plus+ when the time is right. You’ll earn profit on their product as well.
  2. Consider the cost of Juice Plus+ as part of your food budget. It’s not a supplement, you need Juice Plus in your diet to reach the recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
  3. Your health and that of your family is worth the cost of a cup of daily coffee.
  4. Juice Plus has a program where a child receives free product for 4 years when a parent purchases the trio Follow this link to Healthy Starts for more info. Also, take a look at the Healthy Starts image below.
2020 Canadian Prices, Our recommendation is $4.62 per day
Health Starts program Prices

Finally, a word about what Juice Plus+ is not.

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