This came as a surprise to me!

When I retired I had no specific goals; just 2 broad goals I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Regain my Health
  2. Don’t spend the rest of my life watching Netflix on the couch. We had a great media room mind you, but I had no intention of spending a lot of time there.

When I retired I had some health issues. High Blood Pressure, damage to my heart and kidneys from a bout of cardiomyopathy, and gout so bad I had to walk with a cane.

The blood pressure and heart issues were controlled by medication. The gout was my first concern. Little did I know at that time that all 3 would be improved by making some simple changes in my life.

I’ve told this story about gout before but just in case. The pain in my toes, ankles and knees became so bad I could not stand it anymore. Medication was not helping. A friend of my wife had mentioned a product she thought would help us both. I finally agreed to hear about it. Still the sceptic I only agreed to a 4 month supply. Well, at the end of 4 months the cane was retired to the closet.

Della experienced similar results with her auto immune issues. Della for the past 4-5 years was experiencing pain in all her joints. We’d been to many doctors who had diagnosed it as polymyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

We both felt so good at the end of 4 months we signed up for auto renewal of our original product. We had never wanted to get involved in the business. But after getting the results we did we felt it was an obligation. Were we concerned about speaking to our friends about it? Sure, but since we experienced wonderful improvements we had to tell our friends.

I’m not saying this is a miracle cure. You have to be consistent and take the product every day. It’s also only the first step, you have to make some other changes too. But, we heard about a process of introducing one simple change each month, Make that change a habit and move on to the next. I wont say that everyone will experience the same results, I will say you have to take the product every day to have any chance at all.

Is it that easy? No, but remember where I started from. That memory keeps me motivated.

I’m going to include a couple of videos. Please watch them both. The first is only a minute or so, the second 11 minutes.

Neither of us consider ourselves to be salesman. We still don’t and dont want to be. All we want to do is to”Inspire healthy living around the world” All we do is share our story.

Our lifestyle is one where we spend part of the year at home and part visiting Della’s parents. The business is flexible enough to allow us to work this way. Our health has also recovered to a point where we were able to accept a second summer job maintaining a campground. Della now meets a lot of wonderful people. I do too, but my focus is maintaining the campground. 

We want to make an impact in our communities and in the larger world. The company we aligned with does too. I’ll share some of their involvement in another post.

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