2024 Campground Opening

We are Della and Mark Boothby. 2024 is our eighth season operating Williams Lake Stampede Campground. We”ll use this facebook page to tell you about goings on at the campground, the Stampede grounds and highlight things to do in the beautiful Cariboo, We’re open with Pre Season Rates This is our first video of the … Read more

I was a sceptic too!

The author initially doubted supplement products but eventually found success with Juice Plus, despite encountering skepticism and negative reviews. After six months, they became a believer, joining as a client and distributor. Emphasizing the importance of personal experience over third-party opinions, they encourage others to make their own informed choices. If interested, they invite contact for further discussion.

How did we do?

This is day 10 of our Shred. Wondering how we did? For us, shredding is mostly about feeling better rather than weight loss. We’ve not had indigestion for the last 10 days. That’s big since it happens regularly and affects our sleep. When I’m not active and don’t eat well, my joints hurt. Shredding is … Read more

Juice Plus+ vs Vitamins

We often hear I take vitamins so I don’t need Juice Plus+. With the help of Dr. Smokey Santillo, I’ll do my best to explain why that’s not true. Dr. Santillo is the developer of Juice Plus+. He did so to help his father’s nutritional needs during his bought of Cancer.  Dr. Santillo recommends that … Read more