JW Boothby’s W.W. 1 story

Thanks to Joan Owen and Bruce Boothby for preserving these memories and for sharing them. I’d like to meet and flesh in some details. In the meantime, we’ll start with these photos and my initial observations.   World War 1 recruits. John bottom row, 2nd from left. The soldier on the left has his arm … Read more

Daunting but dying to start

It’s so fitting that I got a package of family treasures on Remembrance Day. It in are two envelopes, one of our grandfathers experiences in World War 1, the second of the 137th Battalion. There are also several other topics. I’m grateful to Joan Owen, Bruce Boothby and likely other family members for preserving these … Read more

How did we do?

This is day 10 of our Shred. Wondering how we did? For us, shredding is mostly about feeling better rather than weight loss. We’ve not had indigestion for the last 10 days. That’s big since it happens regularly and affects our sleep. When I’m not active and don’t eat well, my joints hurt. Shredding is … Read more

And just like that seasons done.

We had the first sprinkle of snow this morning. While our official close is tomorrow, I put the closed sign up. It’s always a rush to shut down services and close the campground before it freezes. It’s a miserable job to find shut offs and close them off in the snow. It has been a … Read more