Reply to In Defense of Food

The most balanced, least sensationalist Netflix Health show I’ve found is “In Defence of Food” by Professor of Journalism, University of California,  Michael Pollan. That’s not to say there are not frightening claims made, there are but they are not sensationalized like in most other Netflix videos. I’m going to list my takeaways here to … Read moreReply to In Defense of Food

What’s the problem with eating after 6 PM?

There are lot’s of lifestyle reasons why we eat after 6 PM. BUT, This can lead to: trouble sleeping as your stomach doesn’t have time to process It’s not fashionable. i.e. Only old people eat earlier.  🙂  It leads to emotional eating based upon being too tired to take the time to prepare healthy, whole … Read moreWhat’s the problem with eating after 6 PM?

Reply to Don’t Fall Prey to the Cult of Wellness

A Scottish Doctor, Margaret McCartney recently had an article in the Globe and Mail entitled “Don’t Fall Prey to the Cult of Wellness”. It was written a little light heartedly but contained many statements that I agree with. Here is the article. There are a lot of ideas that aren’t based on scientific evidence. I … Read moreReply to Don’t Fall Prey to the Cult of Wellness

What a Summer of 2018!!!

We just returned from hosting at the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. We began early April and just returned October 12th. We’ve been super busy since getting back with repairing windows, hot water heaters, volunteering with CHAPS and Helping Hands, visiting, exercising, and updating this site from WordPress to a hosted site. There are lots of … Read moreWhat a Summer of 2018!!!