Becoming Normal

How are you doing during physical distancing? I so prefer that term over social distancing. We still have tools to communicate socially so physical distancing is so much more accurate. The first couple of days we did not accomplish much. We soon learned to develop a routine and we accomplish much more while reducing TV … Read more

“On any given day”

On any given day I could be A landscaper A network analyst A plumber A mechanic A carpenter A painter A publicist A photographer A campground host An electrician A tour guide A speaker And I just used to be a Deputy Chief in Emergency Services. Loving retirement

Practicing Gratitude

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with my hands. But, here at the campground thats pretty much all I do. I enjoy the chance to do something new, have new challenges all in a low stress environment. The past few days, I’ve been building picnic tables. I’ve never been good with hand tools … Read more