Our night in Banff

Della recently had a birthday come up. I always struggle with finding something meaningful to give. This year, I thought a memory might be a better choice than other years.

I often find it strange that when you decide to do something, the universe provides an answer.  This time I saw an ad for an event on Sulphur Mountain called “Night Rise”.

Sulphur Mountain Gondola Lift at Banff

Not that we didn’t have to give it some serious thought. The pandemic is going strong with Banff a hot spot. We’re in the middle of a winter advisory due to the cold weather. My joints are really sore as well due to inactivity.

We decided we had to get out after a long period of isolation. We are fully vaccinated with boosters scheduled for next week. The weather report was much warmer in Banff. I found that as we moved about my joints loosened up considerably.

So we decided to go.

Banff from Gondola just past 5:00 PM
Night Rise Light Show

We were first in line, first up the hill, and in our own gondola, so we felt pretty good. The staff did a wonderful job of guiding us and providing info.

We both felt it was well worth it. One regret was that we did not try out the restaurant. I was concerned it may be cold due to the location on the mountain.

The audio for the show was about indigenous spirituality which I enjoyed. 

We had a few minutes before our reservation so we stopped to gawk at the Banff Springs Chateau. The woman in the photo said, “This is our home, we hope you like it.” 

I chuckled and thought whats not to like.

Banff Springs Chateau

Banff in winter, just after Christmas is gorgeous as always. As you can see, hardly any crowds that night which was mid-week.

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