Healthy food can be the best medicine

I have had one Doctor that recommended I attend sessions where I learned the value of nutrition over prescription. I am grateful for that advice as it started me down a path to better health and more enjoyable retirement. The way I was headed, I was going to be a serious Netflix and couch fan.

However, along that path, we’ve heard from many Doctors that say nutrition was not part of their training. If it was, it was an option and they spent their time studying other core subjects.

We’re seeing a trend where Doctors are more often discussing nutritional needs over prescriptions.

“When you prioritize food and teach people how to prepare healthy meals, lo and behold, it can end up being more impactful than medications themselves,”

The pandemic has taught us the value of fresh, nutritional, unhandled vegetables. We saw supermarkets with little or no product on the shelves. Our aeroponic garden was always available for fresh salads.

Consuming the recommended amount of daily vegetables is difficult.  The Canada Food Guide recommends 7 to 10 servings daily for every adult. There are lots of supplements out there that claim to help with this. We’ve found one that we’re confident does what it claims and we’ve read the scientific evidence to back it up.

I love the comment in the attached article where a diabetic lowered his A1C from 10.9 to 6.9 after making dietary changes. That’s after he lost a toe to diabetes. 


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