Microbes are vital to our health

We often take advantage of the medical presentations coming out of the U of C. The one from a couple of years ago recently intrigued me. Pre pandemic we heard similar information at a Juice Plus presentation. We’ve learned that we have to be our own health advocates so we attend as many presentations as possible.

Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta PhD is one of the authors of Let them eat dirt.

Hygene, antibiotics and vaccines have all reduced infectious diseases. However, immune diseases are on the rise. Why? Is there a connection?

Well, it turns out there is. Research that’s just 20 or so years old has discovered that microbes alter our immune system. Microbes live on and in our bodies. In fact, the number of microbes outnumber the number of cells in our body. They are critical to the health of our microbiome and consequently our immune systems.

Does this make sense to you? I wasn’t sure at first but Dr. Mitra Ray told us much the same.

We need to be smarter dealing with microbes. Microbes not just heredity or genes are necessary to train our immune system.

Studies have shown that just the addition of 4 types of microbes to a person can cause them to be far less prone to develop asthma.

We need to find the balance is between disease prevention and healthy exposure to microbes

Here’s some guidance that may surprise you.

Dr. Mitra cautions about the use of antibiotics as they kill your microbiome.

A healthy microbiome is so important for health later in life. Between the years of 1 and 5, the microbiome is established. Throughout life, your microbiome contributes to your immune system.

But, it’s never too late. If you want more info, just get in touch.

Here is the entire University of Calgary video on YouTube.

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