Our thoughts on the passing of Dr. Richard DuBois

Both Della and I took a moment to pause when we heard of the death of Dr. DuBois today. We heard him speak several times and we both think he changed the course of our lives.

We first were moved by his commitment to humanity. He was one of the first to recognize and treat AIDS patients. He spoke passionately about how nutrition can benefit us all, even those with chronic illness. He spent years teaching people how Juice Plus can help people reach their daily nutritional needs.

It was after we heard him speak that we realized Juice Plus+ is a worthwhile company to get behind and support. Being a natural sceptic I was not 100 percent committed until that point.

Both Della and I felt the need to recognize his passing, mention the change he made in our lives and send condolences to family and friends.

Here is a backgrounder piece on Dr. DuBois. https://www.juiceplus.com/us/en/live-better/blog/2013/03/fight-infectious-diseases

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