Solution found to hard water spots on RV

We’ve used our RV for the last six summers as our home while hosting at the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. The sites are irrigated nightly.

We don’t have a lot of time for RV maintenance during the first half of the summer on the build up to Stampede. The second half of summer is slower so the RV gets more care. A long term problem I just solved has been the build up of those pesky spots, 6 years worth.

I’ve tried lots of commercial products and a few home spun ones. All to no avail. Recently, while looking for the ingredients to another home spun resolution we came across something I thought worth a try. “Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover” A couple of wipes of the product, a wash off of the excess and some wiping. Amazing results.

I quickly went back to the store and bought out the remainder of their product. That was probably overkill since I’ve found two bottles sufficient to clean up the RV. So that’s 40 bucks CA to clean up quite a mess. But now I have reserves to clean up the inevitable missed spots and future issues.

I did not think to take before photos. I do have some after shots. Keep in mind it’s not a polish, just a water stain remover. It lives up to that promise.

Recommended product
After water spot removal in plus 30 C weather

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