I was a sceptic too!

I was sceptical of every supplement product I heard about. I tried shakes, pills, and friends recommendations. None of these worked for me. I suffered from high cholesterol, gout, joint pain, poor sleep and lack of energy. I was in poor shape and had resigned myself to a future on the couch watching television.

Della was in similar circumstances having been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

Then we heard about Juice Plus from a friend. She told us about the success she had and invited us to hear more. I went practically kicking and screaming.

We did some research and ran into a few bad reviews. Still, we relied on what our friend had told us about her experience rather than 3rd party reviews. We also put weight into the scientific reviews our friend presented to us.

It didnt happen right away but after one particularly bad day, I agreed to try it for 6 months. I didnt see positive results right away either. I did get a really bad reaction to starting the Juice Plus trio of pills. Oddly, that made me think there is something to this and I stuck with it.

At the end of six months, I was convinced and joined up as a client and distributor. I had more energy, slept better, had less joint pain, and noticed a big difference in my nails. We tell lots of people about our results. Some are ready, some are not. We understand well that feeling of being a sceptic.

I’m including the YouTube video that caused me to write this article. Make your own choices. We still see Doctors and still follow their advice.

If you have not heard about the sources in this video either and want to hear more about our story, get in touch.

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