Were Desert bound

Its been a while since we’ve taken a real holiday. So when friends asked if we wanted to go, it was an easy YES.

We’re driving to Palm Desert and plan to spend two weeks in the Desert Breezes Resort.

We’ll take 4 days to drive down since who knows what weather we’ll see, the days are shorter in winter and we dont need to rush.

Of course, bitterly cold the day we leave with temps in the -30 C range. But highways are clear and we’re off.


The new ring road around the west end of Calgary is a great time saver and we made good time until we reached Coutts. First off we went into the duty free store. The exit into Customs is tough if there is traffic. No one would let us in so we backtracked. The wait for Customs was over an hour.

The first night was in Helena. Great day of travel and good to find a great bed for the night. The forecast is not good for tomorrow. We’ll see in the morning.

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