The Resort

We’re staying at Desert Breezes Resort in Desert Springs, CA. It’s one of the cities in the Coachella Valley. The weather has been 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit so no complaints from us. Strangely, we had one day of torrential rain which were told is very rare. There are lot of things to see and do so we were not detered. Even the resort keeps us busy with swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise room, putting green, tennis and pickleball. We decided to rent some ebikes locally and have enjoyed them immensely, within the park. Outside the park is a bit different as the highways are driven on like a racetrack so its quite harrowing to use the bike lanes.

The office
The sound of the fountain is wonderful and there are ducks, fish, turtles and yes a couple of dreaded Canadian Geese

The accomodations are great, a bit dated but the staff is quick to jump on any issue you may have. We have a one bedroom with kitchen and living room.  Washing machine and dryer are just outside the door.

The dining room and Kitchen
The living room. We store the ebikes inside since they are about 8K $.
One of the nearby pools

This time of year, hardly a sole in sight.

Stunning nighttime vistas
The occasional Egret
BBQ’s abound
Landscaping is beautiful
The largest of the nearby pools
Tennis and Pickleball courts
Shared Kitchen area for get togethers.
Well equipped exercise room.

There is so much to do here, we see why so many people make the trip. More on location attractions in the days to come.

There are lots of beautiful cars here. There is quite a car culture. Ever car is sparkling clean. Our car has never been so clean, even when new. The car wash staff were confused about the use of car mats inside the car.

Something that does cause me issue is the speed people drive and the chances they take. Most speed limits in the city of 50 MPH and people swerve in and out just to get a second or two ahead. I’ve learned never to stop on a yellow light. You will cause a chain reaction crash. Its crazyness.

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