The Attractions

Shopping, I should get someone else to write this as I once swore never to spend more time shopping with nothing in mind. However, I did need to get some more appropriate clothes for the warm weather. Della and her friends have spent some time shopping and seemed to have enjoyed themselves greatly. I notice there is a wide range of stores from Saks Fifth Avenue to more affordable outlet malls. To each their own.

We tried out a couple of ebikes. Love them.
Night time concert
Trivia Prize
I caught this, well it bounced off a guys head and landed on me.
Night Market in Palm Springs
Huge crowds at night market and lots to see.
F117 at Palm Desert Air Museum
F4U Corsair at Palm Desert Air Museum
Marilyn in the daylight
Sonny Bono
Street scene Palm Springs
Street Scene La Quinta
Road to Idyllwild
Overlooking the Coachella Valley
The request to take your litter home. It didnt work.
Cactus above 3500 feet
Carving of the “mayor” in Idyllwild
Street scene Idyllwild
Street scene Idyllwild
Riki, Janice and Della

So much to see. We hardly touched it in our two weeks. Palm Desert is definetly on our list of favourite places. For me, the Air Museum was spectular as was the concert and the trip to Idyllwild.

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