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Williams Lake Stampede Campground review (Update)

I’m happy to update a review of the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. My last review was a couple of seasons ago. At the time my only concern was the poor WiFi connection. Since we run our business and are avid Internet users a speedy connection is important to us.

The Campground has run fibre and installed three antennas around the campground. Connections from every camp site are excellent.

New gate to the Grounds by Pioneer Log Homes

The campground is right in the City Of Williams Lake beside the Stampede Grandstand. It’s easy to locate and get big rigs around in. The campsite has 82 stalls with 8 pull throughs with 50 amp service for the large units. There are also 5 pull throughs with 30 amp service.  All sites except tenting have water, power and sewer connections. The washrooms are clean and modern. Showers are coin operated and allow 6-8 minutes of hot water.

The campground has a small, clean laundry. Since the camp site is right in town its close to all the amenities of a small city.

On line reservations are allowed at

The 91st Annual Williams Lake Stampede is June 29th to July 2nd, 2017. The Stampede is famous for the Mountain Race. It’s been modified since the early days and no longer comes from high on the mountain. Still exciting though and a show of horsemanship.


Office at the campground Gate notice the sign about horses.

Locals store their horses in one of the many on-site barns. Horses and riders are often visible. Carnivals and trade shows are also held on site through out the summer.


Our campsite

While you’re in Williams Lake, take a drive out west to the Chilcotin. It’s a beautiful, fascinating area. It does help to have a guide to hear more of the history of the area. It’s home to the Gang Ranch, one of the largest ranches in North America.

Also a must see is Barkerville, a gold rush town near Quesnel. It’s a look to the past where cultures met and took gold from the ground.

I have to come clean, since we arrived and I started this post, we were offered the maintenance job at the campground. We’re so pleased that we can stay in the area longer, visit family and friends and learn more about this fascinating, beautiful area of British Columbia.

. . .

What’s new in 2017?

We’re looking forward to the challenges of the new year. We’re wishing you all the good health and success you’re hoping for in 2017.

We just talked this morning about what we did well and what needs some tweaking.

  1. Della and I will continue to work on our health this year. We will use our Tower Garden to grow fresh vegetables. This is a current picture of our Tower Garden. The Garden sits in our basement. The temperature outside this morning in Cochrane, Alberta is -25 C and snow is 14 cm deep. We will get Chard and Kale for our morning smoothies and several types of lettuce for our dinner salad for two from this lone Tower Garden for the six months. There are a couple herbs in this winters planting.


2. We like to go on regular Shred 10’s to reset our metabolisms after the Christmas/New Year’s celebrations or other times when we feel out of sorts. The rules are simple and we’ve learned anyone can do this for just 10 days

  • add more real food including substituting Juice Plus complete shakes for two meals a day and taking Juice Plus Trio capsules.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • drink more water
  • eliminate caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy, artificial and refined sugars, eating after 6:00 PM
  • exercise your body.

After the shred we feel less bloated and have more energy, better sleep and better mental clarity. Lessons learned for us:

  • its only 10 days,
  • much easier when there’s a community for support
  • don’t beat yourself up if you are not perfect; you will do better tomorrow.

For more info on Shred10 from our friend Michelle Ball click on this link. Shred10 Intro

If this interests you let us know. We have a tips document we can send you. We’ll be starting another in January and the support of others makes success much easier.

3. We plan on returning to Williams Lake. BC in the RV this April. We want to spend more time visiting going to and from. So we may go through Montana on the way west and through Prince George on the way home.

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4. Continuing our education:

  • We will attend at least two conferences this year. The first is called Banff BeaverTail. There’s going to be some very high profile, exciting speakers so were looking forward to it. Besides it’s in Banff.
  • The second Conference is in Kelowna. Another destination site for us. Just as important, the speakers are wonderful.
Rimrock Hotel Banff and the Bow Valley

5. Home renovations. We plan on taking on some renovations on our own now that we have the health and time. Our deck needs new skirting and our sunshine kitchen is pretty dated. Della has some ideas for crafts. I’m developing my skills with power tools.

6. We want to stay in touch with old friends and develop new ones. We had a wonderful Holiday season having a lot of family and friends in our home in Cochrane.

7.  We have a new product in our line called Community Garden. This is comprised of 12 Tower Gardens. We’ll be exploring local opportunities in this exciting area.


Please comment and like. If you have any questions we’d love to have a discussion. 

A Look back at the summer of 2016

It was wonderful. We spent the majority of the summer in the RV. We hit Drumheller, Rimbey  and Redwater in Alberta; Williams Lake, Sicamous, Penticton and Quesnel in BC. Being in the RV allows us to visit friends and family. Its wonderful to renew old friendships and make some new ones. It’s very special to be able to run a business anywhere and impact so many peoples health and livelihood.

If there is a downside, most campgrounds have poor internet connections. If we didn’t have a online business I would care less. I don’t understand campgrounds that have poor Internet. Most people I know like to stay in touch by email at the very least. I know we’re a little different in wanting a constant, reliable, fairly quick Internet to conduct business. But still, come on campground owners. We always comment on locations that dont allow us to check our email at the very least.

Here’s a video with a brief description and lots of photos of our summer.

Summer 2016 on Youtube


Our new hometown; Cochrane, Alberta

We recently moved back to my home town, Cochrane, AB. Both Della and I feel like its home. It’s a beautiful part of Western Canada. We could post pictures all day but here is a few of our favorites.

Cochrane is barely outside Calgary, home of the famous Calgary Stampede. While Cochrane and Calgary share a western history, they’ve both grown. History is easily visible yet so is the influence of many other cultures. After all Calgary is 1.1 million people and Cochrane over 20 thousand.

We’re in the Bow River Valley so we’re heavily influenced by the Chinook Winds. Chinooks can change the temperature from -40 C (-40 F) to 0 C (32 F) in hours. That’s in winter for anyone not from around here. Temperatures during summer days are moderate. Nights can be cool as we are in the foothills.

Cochrane is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Canmore, Bragg CreekBanff and Banff National Park are nearby.  Banff is  just 100 kms (60 miles) west. Nature is right on the doorstep as Cochrane Ranche Park and Glenbow Provincial Park are just minutes from us.

Our doors are open for coffee or the weekend. Were happy to have coffee or show you around the area. We have a couple of spare bedrooms so bring a weekend bag.

2015-10-20 14.44.36-1

Bow River, Glenbow Provincial Park2015-11-03 15.01.09Cochrane Ranche

2015-11-03 15.28.16

Rockyview Hotel, Cochrane

2015-11-03 15.29.26

Main Street Cochrane

2015-11-08 16.03.05

Bow River Valley and Rockies west of town

Cochrane by Dar 1

Magnificent Blue fall skies

Cochrane by Dar 2

View west from top of Cochrane Hill