Best Advice I've seen for starting Juice Plus+

Now that I’ve made a commitment to my health & well being … WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? 1. Take fruit capsules in the morning and veggie capsules in the afternoon or evening. Take Vineyard with your highest fat meal. 2. Initially, the Juice Plus+ may have a detoxifying effect (cleansing). THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU. But … Read moreBest Advice I've seen for starting Juice Plus+

Grow your own, at home, all year long

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Our first retirement adventure – planned May 2015

We soon begin. Our first trip has a couple of purposes. We’re headed out to the Okanagan to reacquaint ourselves with the RV lifestyle, visit friends and to check out a wifi booster.
A reliable Internet connection is important for us to stay in touch. Getting a connection from a campsite can be a challenge.  There is a vendor in Penticton for Wifi Ranger that looks like a  solution. We’re looking at a roof mounted Internet antennae with a router to provide our wifi connection inside the RV.
Wifi Ranger