Travellin’ Tower Garden

We love adding fresh vegetables to our daily protein shakes. We prefer to grow our own. That’s no small challenge during a Canadian winter or while we’re in the RV during the summer.

We’ve come up with a solution though. It’s called Tower Garden and its an aeroponic, soil free, weed free, quick, efficient way to garden.

We thought we’d get a jump on this years summer planting by starting seedlings early. It did not work out as planned because when we arrived in Williams Lake the cold weather and wind did a number on the seedlings.

You can see its not fairing well

However, replanting has turned out wonderfully.  Within a month or so the garden was back on its feet and shortly after that we started harvesting. We can harvest for our daily shakes right up until mid-September when we start to prepare the campground for closing.

We don’t fill every slot. We have learned to use the shadier, more protected side of the RV. 

We check the water weekly, add fertilizer solution and check acidity. That’s pretty much all the effort it takes.

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