Campground shutdown 2020

It’s late September, the grass is green, days are high teens, nights are high single digits. Still we’re planning to close the campground October 14th. The 2020 season was shortened by the Pandemic and travel was restricted. Still were calling our season 4 a success. The campground is getting pretty quiet. The geese are returning. … Read more

Our fantastic Tower Garden season ends

We planted in June and harvested Sep 15th. We had many meals and giveaways during that time too. Still, it was the best garden we’ve had. It was a slow start mind you. We started the garden indoors then transplanted. It was a cold spring and they seedlings didn’t survive. But a quick re-seeding produced … Read more

We’ve learned our lesson

The weather this week is beautiful and there’s no shortage of campers. We fill up each night and empty out each day. The challenge is prepping for the inevitable winter shut down and not leaving things to the last minute. We close to campers the Monday after Thanksgiving. We spend the remainder of that week … Read more

The Mountain Ash are spectacular

The Williams Lake Stampede Campground has a number of Mountain Ash. This year they’ve been spectacular both spring and fall. The blackbirds are starting to gather so they’ll soon be feasting on the berries. They are my favourite tree in the campground. They are easiest to keep trimmed and are out of the way of … Read more

Travellin’ Tower Garden

We love adding fresh vegetables to our daily protein shakes. We prefer to grow our own. That’s no small challenge during a Canadian winter or while we’re in the RV during the summer. We’ve come up with a solution though. It’s called Tower Garden and its an aeroponic, soil free, weed free, quick, efficient way … Read more

Were so glad we came despite Covid

We were so uncertain this Spring on whether we would take the campground contract this year. At the time it did not appear there would be any use of the campground other than a small number of essential workers and the global pandemic was spreading quickly. Currently, the pandemic is still spreading although some areas … Read more