RV update Spring 2023

This season starts where we left off last fall. We’re in Pentiction to complete the repairs that started last year.

It’s one of those good news, bad news situations. After the shop looked at the RV, they found that the repairs were not as expensive as we thought. However, the parts they ordered need to be re-ordered requiring a week’s delay.

I was delighted at the lower cost but still wanted to get to the campground to open as soon as possible. I suspect Della was delighted as it meant a bit of a holiday as we wait.

Camping on Lake Skaha
Camping on Lake Skaha

It’s going to turn out really well. The delay gives us a chance to set up the RV for the summer without the distraction of working in the campground. Plus, the Okanagan even in early spring is a very nice place.

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