Summer 2020 Memories

I’m writing this in early December. We closed the campground in late October.

Of course, 2020 was much different. Since I prefer to focus on the positive this blog focuses on the positive aspects of this past summer. There is positive in every situation and 2020 is no different.

Physical distancing and masks were a priority for us. However, for most of the summer there were no cases of Covid 19 in the area.

We’ve spent the last 4 summers managing the Williams Lake Stampede Campground. The season generally runs from early April to late October. 

It works out well for us as Williams Lake is where Della is from and her parents and siblings are there.

This season had a delayed opening due to the Covid Pandemic.

Williams Lake from The Point deck.
Our home during the season

When we did open, we were just accepting first responders and crews doing the required work in the area. That made for a very quiet opening.

After a few weeks, we were allowed to accept a wider range of guests. We opened every second site to allow for physical distancing. We could only accept fully contained units as the washrooms and laundry had to remain closed. This means that we could not accept tents.

The photo to the right is from later in the season when the physical distancing requirements became 2 meters.

50 watt pull through sites
Infield during closed rodeo event

Normally there are several rodeos held on the site including the 3rd biggest in Canada, the Williams Lake Stampede.

The Stampede is held over the July 1st long weekend. Sadly, it had to be cancelled this year as were most of the other events.

The grounds did host a couple of closed rodeo events with restricted numbers of participants and fans.

A couple of the events the Stampede board co-hosted was a well attended Carbeque and a Stampede Pancake Breakfast.

There was also a film night in the infield with limited patrons on a large inflatable screen.

Carbeque line up

Della often has Paco as an office companion.

Paco loves the outdoor life and noticeably perks up when we’re there.

Della limited her time in the office and when she was there spoke to patrons who stayed in the doorway.

Since this was our fourth summer, we’ve gotten to know many of our guests.

This photo is of Sonya and Norm but we’ve many more guests who’ve become friends.

Certainly, catching up with friends has become one of the main joys of being at the campground. No different this year

It’s so easy to fall into old habits and not physically distance. This is one of those times and I had my share too.

The owners were taking this unit out on their inaugural trip. They struggled to find a campground but we had a site that worked. (click on photo to expand)

The unit was built for entertaining at Nascar races, It is something to see. The owners were travelling with their daughter and getting to know their new RV. Della has talked them into returning for the next Stampede. They will be the place to be in overflow.

During the shortened, Pandemic effected season our occupancy rate was just over 50%.

Our story was featured in the local Williams Lake Tribune.

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Paco checking out our empty site after the RV was moved.

With fewer guests and less to do at the campground, we had more time for projects including some landscaping as the photo above shows.

We had many opportunities to visit family and friends. Some days not much was done as people were visiting one after another.

We attended Maurice Burke’s (Della’s dad) 90th birthday. Outside and a little distant but still a privilege.

Sadly, Paco passed away just a couple of days after this photo. She died in her 18th year peacefully at home after enjoying another summer.

We’ll be back for another summer in 2021. We can’t imagine our life without being at the campground.

Until then, we’ll spend the winter looking after some medical issues, volunteering at the local Museum and Helping Hands, staying in touch with friends as much as possible during this Pandemic and doing some renovations at the house. 

-- Stay Safe and Happy Trails --

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