Merry Christmas 2020

Della and I decided to start a new Christmas tradition this year. Della spent the day baking and we headed out to make some drop-offs and look at Christmas lights.

Alberta has such a huge sky that my iPhone Camera can’t do it or the Chinook Arch Justice.

I think we captured the “Christmas Star” though. It was 530PM in the SW sky. There’s a better photo later on. In the featured photo, its just above the 4th post from the left.

Elf Della, makes our first drop at our friend Diannes.

Stop 2 was at friends beautiful acreage. It’s always well decorated and a treat to see.

Last drop off and another beautiful home. It’s very obvious people spent more time on decorations this year.

We saw some spectacular yards as well.

"Christmas Star"
Beautifully lit tree
Beautiful acreage
Lotsa Lights
No snow plow yet

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