My goal is still 10,000 steps a day.

There may not be scientific evidence that 10k steps a day is enough to improve one’s health. My original goal of 10k steps per day was recommended by my fitbit. At the time, that was twice as much as my average daily activity. I need a goal or a contest to keep me motivated.

In the summer, I have an active job where I regularly do 20k steps per day. It’s in the winter where I need motivation. In the summer, the weight falls away. In the winter, it seems I gain a kilo a month.

So even though there may be no science to support 10k steps a day improving ones health, I know its the setting of a goal and sticking to it that will bring improvements. You’ll have to decide for yourself if that amount is 10 or 20 k per day.

I’ve had a couple of trackers, get in touch for my recommendations.

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