How to break bad habits

Bad habits can include overeating, drinking too much, procrastinating or even feeling anxious. Too often we indulge ourselves to make bad feelings go away. We learn this early and most of it fall back on it when we’re stressed.

From time to time, I listen to podcasts or watch Ted Talks. It’s not often but I’m working on a bad habit of my own. I recently met an Internal Medicine Doctor who took an interest in my gout. He suspects it’s not gout but arthritis and by losing weight I can rid myself of the systems.  Not great or even new advice. Weight has been a lifetime issue. That’s why I go to certain Ted Talks and podcasts.

See Chocolate (Trigger) - Eat Chocolate (Behaviour) - Feel Better (Reward)

Obesity and smoking are among the leading curable habits that lead to morbidity. They are also among the hardest to stop. How do you stop? Try mindfulness.

I’ve heard this before and have taken small steps to implement it. The key is to be mindful of your actions. Dr. Brewer suggests being curious. If you see ice cream and feel you must have it, ask yourself why?

We do know what’s good for us. The thing is when we’re stressed that part of our brain shuts down and we go back to learned behaviour.

However, if we become curious our cognitive brain kicks back in and we can let go of old habits and start new ones.

Here goes. Wish me success.

Notice urge - Get Curious - Feel joy of letting go - Repeat

I regularly listen to podcasts on the Broken Brain site. If you are interested here is the link. 

Can awareness help us unwind anxiety by Dhru Purohit

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