What’s the problem with eating after 6 PM?

There are lot’s of lifestyle reasons why we eat after 6 PM. BUT, This can lead to:

  • trouble sleeping as your stomach doesn’t have time to process
  • It’s not fashionable. i.e. Only old people eat earlier.  🙂
  •  It leads to emotional eating based upon being too tired to take the time to prepare healthy, whole food.
  •  Weight gain

There are lot’s of challenges to eating earlier but Della and I have found the effort is worth it. Eat with your family and spend time together. It makes the meal more enjoyable, you eat slower and you develop better personal connections. 

My mantra has become “Food is just fuel”. Food does not solve your problems or make you feel better in the long run.

Eating most of your calories during the day rather than at night is helpful because we tend to overeat in the evening. Sadly, your eating choices are not logical, calculated moves solely aimed at getting you to your goal weight.

Trinh Le, MPH R.D.

"If you end up eating after 6 p.m., don’t sweat it, But, if you fuel yourself adequately all day long, you probably won't be nearly as hungry at night,".

Anna Rossinoff, R.D.

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