Tower Gardening in the wild

We always bring one Tower Garden with us for the summer while were in the RV. The fresh produce goes into our shakes and salads. There’s no comparison to what you get in the supermarket.

We are using a tower with extension so we have plenty of room. We’ve yet to fill all the available slots.

Gardening in a campground does present some challenges. This summer has been very rainy and I’ve yet to have to fill the water reservoir. Not really a problem although it does cause some issues calculating how much tonic to add. I think the combination has slowed our progress this year.

It’s necessary to check the power and timer settings regularly. Our campground power can be accidentally turned off by our temporary neighbours. In summers past, there were days when the power was off and the garden suffered by being in the direct sunlight. We’ve moved the garden to a shadier side of the RV this year and we’ve had no water issues.

Our garden is doing well and it won’t be long before were enjoying our efforts.

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