Reply to Don’t Fall Prey to the Cult of Wellness

A Scottish Doctor, Margaret McCartney recently had an article in the Globe and Mail entitled “Don’t Fall Prey to the Cult of Wellness”. It was written a little light heartedly but contained many statements that I agree with. Here is the article.

There are a lot of ideas that aren’t based on scientific evidence. I always roll my eyes when someone starts off  “we all know” because most of the time there is no evidence to follow, just the follow the crowd way of convincing.  I won’t list the health trends that I think don’t have merit. The list is long.

I do trust the research behind the product and company I represent. The research is 3rd party, double blind, gold standard. I also know the results I’ve achieved. 

I’m grateful that our research supports that fruit and vegetables do help protect DNA from mutation. Since my grandmother died at an early age of cancer, I’ve always been concerned. Research shows oxidative stress is reduced, phytonutrients improve blood flow, and 27 other completed scientific studies with several more in the pipeline. Read them here.

I too am a fan of devices. I need a watch, so that’s automatic. I like the step counter when I’m working in the summer I like to get 20k steps.  I am competitive so I like the leaderboard feature.

I’m not a fan of tracking water intake or food eaten. That takes too much time and my day already has too many distractions.

What technology or programs work for you? Just comment in the box below.

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