Cravings and what I’ve learned

For the last couple of years, Della and I have been pretty good about eating cleanly This Christmas season though, I sampled the odd chocolate or treat. That started something. Cravings started that were tough to ignore, especially at night.

I know now that the microbiome has a lot of influence on me. Once those bacteria get a taste of sugar they send signals to my brain wanting MORE.

Its time to get back on the right track. More whole food, more exercise, more sleep, and better hydration. Della and I start this Monday January 7th on a program called Shred10. It’s goals are exactly what I’ve learned make me feel better physically and mentally. AND those cravings go away. If you want to know more about our experiences, we’re happy to share.

There are a couple of local events coming up that we’ve found extremely valuable.

We’re going to the Calgary event. We’re happy to pick you up and introduce you to Dr. Phillips. He is a great speaker and the topic is so important at this time.

If you want to know more about healthy living but prefer to learn on your computer this Zoom call fits the bill. Get back to us by commenting on our website and we’ll set you up for Dr. Phillips or the HLR Zoom call.

Just a word about our goals.

We are not trying to sell anyone anything. We are looking to share what we’ve learned to be effective steps to improving our health.

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