Juice Plus+ vs Vitamins

We often hear I take vitamins so I don’t need Juice Plus+.

With the help of Dr. Smokey Santillo, I’ll do my best to explain why that’s not true. Dr. Santillo is the developer of Juice Plus+. He did so to help his father’s nutritional needs during his bought of Cancer. 

Dr. Santillo recommends that people do not compare Juice Plus+ to man-made vitamins but ask themselves if nutrients are bioavailable to the body. Our bodies can’t absorb the huge amounts that are contained in man-made vitamins.

We are designed to take in our nutrients from our food which contains much smaller amounts. Consequently, most of the nutrients that our bodies can recognize in man-made vitamins are eliminated from the body.

Our food contains thousands of nutrients. Not all of them are recognized by science and certainly not all of them or contained in man-made vitamins. Consequently, that synergy that nature provides is not there.

It does take time for your body to rebuild. Your blood replenishes itself in 4 months, organs and muscles in 6 months, teeth a year. Nutrients are not drugs and will take some time.

Many people consume isolated (USP) United States Pharmacopoeia listed vitamins. USP vitamins are synthesized, standardized, isolated, and are not always from natural sources, and are not always bioavailable.

In food, vitamins and nutrients work together synergistically to benefit more than by themselves. Dr. Santillo recommends finding out which vitamin or mineral you are lacking and take them with whole foods.

Its recommended we eat betwen 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. You have to ask yourself:

  • are you achieving that?
  • knowing what you now know about man-made vitamins, are they supplying you with the nutrients you need?
  • do you have access to seasonal, fresh vegetables?
  • do you know where and what kind of soil they were grown in?

I’m betting the answer is no on all counts.

Juice Plus+ is simply crushed and concentrated whole fruit and vegetables.

Isn't it amusing that most folks believe that the foods they eat, particularly fruits and vegetables, are sustaining their bodies, building their immune system, and giving them all necessary nutrients? But, as soon as you take those same foods and concentrate the juice powders and fibers and put them into a capsule, these same people become suspicious.


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