It really is an adventure – Part 2

This is our 3rd summer as Hosts at Williams Lake Campground. We’re starting to develop friendships with our returning guests and we saw more of the Chilcotin country this year.

Often just getting to Williams Lake is an adventure. We sure get to see some beautiful country on the drive out and when we take some time away from the campground.

Just west of Kamloops on the drive out the end of April, 2019

It’s often a 12 hour drive and part of it in the dark. This sunset is out the window near Tobiano Golf Course.

The campground looks a little lonely when we arrive in spring. It doesn’t take long for guests to arrive and grass to green up.


Northwest of Williams Lake in the Fraser Valley. The fire of 2017 threatened Williams Lake from this area.

NW of Williams Lake along the Fraser River. You can see 3 Lodges, a sweat lodge, campground and interpretive center.

Ranchland west of Williams Lake.

Again west of Williams Lake and you can see the results of the fire of 2017. Over a million hectares were burned.

Another view of the fire.

It would be a challenge to homestead this area. However, the area is stunning.

River boats once brought gold prospectors to the area. Here is the grave of Jack Chalmers, a crewmember of one of those paddle wheelers.

Captain Frank Odin of the Steamboat Charlotte. 1863-1899

Della had some fun with campers when she made the reservation in their dog’s name.

This pair hung around the concession all day during one of the rodeo events. They were sweet on the server.

It’s not a summer without a trip to Soda Creek for fresh vegetables. There are people in the distance. There is a huge selection of vegetables and corn. Beef is for sale at the stand.

Della caught up with a classmate and we got to spend the day on Williams Lake.

Nothing like sharing a beer and hearing about stories of the Chilcotin from locals.

We meet so many people with interesting stories. This couple spent 26 hours on the Bella Coola hill waiting for a tow truck to bring their unit into Williams Lake.

Elizabeth and Dale held this summers record for number of stays. They visited at least 5 times spending a couple of months.

We wrapped up the summer with a bbq with friends, campground management, and volunteers.

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