Chronic Inflammation

We’ve all experienced inflammation. Think of that sprained, swollen ankle, that cut finger, or that miserable head cold.

Lori Shemek -11 Ways You're Inadvertently Causing Inflammation

We had no idea at the time we retire but both Della and I were huge suffers of chronic inflammation. 

 Chronic systemic inflammation is:
 – chronic lasts for weeks, months or longer
 –  systemic, impacts the whole body.
 – not obvious or noticeable to individuals
 – common in smokers and overweight
 – health care practitioners monitor various inflammatory markers
 – wide spread enough to have been on a Time cover, the Secret Killer, Inflammation.
 – Juice plus positively impacts multiple parameters of inflammation. 3 studies
 – your genetics do not necessarily determine your future, Life style is 80% responsible, genetics 20%
 – Coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, hypertension, psychiatric disease, immune disorders are all determined by Epigenetics.

Here are 11 ways we’ve learned to decrease inflammation:

1. Drink more water.  We shoot for half our body weight in ounces every day. Strangely, and I was one of them, men often don’t like to drink water. My advice is consider the result, you will feel better with less joint pain and better digestion.

2. You’re eating the wrong type of grains. Highly processed foot has the goodness processed out. So choose whole grains.

3. You’re drinking diet soda. Drink water instead and lose the unnecessary calories.

4. You’re eating processed foods. We’ve already mentioned the down falls of eating processed food.

5. You’re regularly eating sugar. Sugar is the number one inflammatory “food.”

6. You’re missing cultured foods. Cultured food supports the “microbiome”, the bacteria in your gut.

7. You aren’t getting enough leafy greens. Dark green leafy vegetables are full of anti-oxidants.

8. You’re getting too little Omega fats. Omegas are brain, skin and joint food.

9. You’re using the wrong cooking oils. Instead, use anti-inflammatory oils such as olive oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil or red palm fruit oil.

10. You’re not exercising.
Move 30 minutes every other day.

11. You’re carrying excess weight. Lose the excess weight and you’ll reduce inflammation and stress on your body.

Della and I have experienced huge reductions in inflammation. It is still a work in progress. We continue to work at it. It’s been 5 years but we’re confident were on the right path. 

Full disclosure: Della and I have become such believers we have to tell our friends about the benefits

There’s no substitute for eating more fruits and veggies, but with the nutrition of 30 fruits, vegetables, and grains, Juice Plus+ can help fill the gaps in your diet. Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends all support a healthy inflammation response

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