Cheap Food Part 2

This is part 2 of a followup on a webinar from U of Calgary called “Is our food turning against us?”

In the 1950’s fast food began to flourish. The more we became addicted to fast and cheap food, the harder it is to change. The cost of our poor eating habits are higher than we realized and it’s a habit we learn early.

Fast food like the name suggests is great for families short on time. For families on a budget, it’s often the only way to stay within budget. There are also outside contributing factors like marketing, public policy, social status, and upbringing.

“The leading risk of death in Canada is now our unhealthy diets.” – Dr. Norman Campbell, MD

“People think moderation is not eating every meal at a fast-food restaurant.” – Dr. Norman Campbell, MD

I see the tide turning. People are becoming more aware, marketing is changing, public policy is becoming more supportive. Is is enough? Time will tell.

See the whole article from the U of C. Is our food turning against us?

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