“What a Life”

A camper said that to me this morning. It was 10:00 am on a beautiful sunny day. He was enjoying a coffee, reading the paper at a picnic table. I was mowing our lawn with our 60″ Toro mower.

I was thinking he was right for both of us. He and his wife were off somewhere new for another days adventure. I was working but I was mowing lawns which I enjoy, especially with this Toro zero turn mower.

That was another lesson about how important it is to be grateful each day. Of late, both Della and I have been feeling tired. It’s been our own fault, we’ve let our own expectations and ambitions to work too many hours each day without time away to decompress. Don’t get met wrong though, the campground looks beautiful as a result, but I dont think we could sustain this level of effor until end of October.

We’ve resolved to remind ourselves daily of the things we are grateful for. And to spend less time at work on the weekends for activities like golf, spending time with friends, hiking and exploring this beautiful region.

We have to mention that neither of us could do this without the business and product of Juice Plus. The product has helped us regain our health. The business has allowed us to run a virtual business that helps to support our early semi-retirement.

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