Transform 30 April 26, 2016

tranform 30 30 days

We’ve tried it and have to pass it on.

We re-started Transform 30 two months ago. Our goal is to be on the program for 120 days. We used Transform 30 last year in Williams Lake while in the RV. When we returned to Alberta we got out of the habit. That’s life, we don’t claim perfection and we’ve learned from it.
So far this year, we’ve lost alot of weight and inflammation. How much? Difficult for us to answer. We’ve both struggled with weight our entire lives. We’ve used scales to track our progress (generally upwards). Our goal now is to be healthy. For us this mean not tracking our weight. The only exception is when we visit the Doctor.  Della has lost 9 kgs and I’ve lost 6 over the past year. Della has lost 4 sizes in her jeans; my clothes are hanging off me. Judge for yourselves in the image below.
We’ve already told you that Juice Plus+ is not a weight loss program. You may experience alot of health benefits including extra energy from which you may loose weight. We did,  but felt like we wanted to go further.
We heard about a program called Transform 30 or Transform 120 if you go 4 months as we decided to. Developed by Doctor Mitra Ray and used by many professional athletes, we decided it was for us too.
Dr Mitra Ray
Dr. Mitra Ray briefly explains Transform 30
Dr David Phillips
Dr David Phillips (MD and Athelete) on Transform 30
Weight loss in Della and Mark
We noticed the change in this very recent photo.

How do I get started?

If you’re taking the trio product you’re half way there. Simply order the Complete Shake product outright.
Other tips:
  • drink water until your urine remains clear (2-3 liters)
  • exercise moderately 30-60 minutes 4 times a week
  • cut out wheat
  • cut out dairy
  • relax and breath deeply 3 times a day.
  • get a full night of 8 hours rest.
  • eat your last meal by 6:00 PM to allow your body to digest.

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