Our First Tower Garden Crop

We’ve been talking about how to improve our diet for the past year. We’ve relied on produce from supermarkets as we’ve never had a garden. We’ve found that produce from supermarkets is quick to spoil, simply doesn’t taste as good, isn’t ripe when harvested and consequently doesn’t contain all the nutrients. There’s no criticism there, Alberta is too cold in winter and a long ways from Florida, California, Texas and Central America where much produce originates.
Our solution is to use an in-door aeroponic growing system from Juice Plus+ called Tower Garden. Since no root vegetables can be grown and the Tower Garden will be inside this winter we’ve started with lettuce, tomatoes and peppers.
We’ve purchased the tomato frame and lights to support our first indoor crop. Water is pumped to the top of the tower and spills down to water the plant. The water is on 15 minutes each hour. The lights are on 14 hours a day. Everything is timed so our daily involvement is really light. We add water to the reservoir, check the pH and add nutrients every weekend.
Crop week 0 a

First crop in the planting stage

Crop week 1 a

Just planted in the Tower Garden

Crop week 2 a

Week two after full strength Tower Tonic Added

Crop week 2 b

Week two, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers taking off

Want to learn more try:

  • http://boothby.towergarden.ca

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