Our fantastic Tower Garden season ends

We planted in June and harvested Sep 15th. We had many meals and giveaways during that time too. Still, it was the best garden we’ve had.

Final haul Sep 15th.

It was a slow start mind you. We started the garden indoors then transplanted. It was a cold spring and they seedlings didn’t survive.

But a quick re-seeding produced a fast turn around.

The crops the last few years were not as successful. We’ve found the sweet spot though. The right spot for protection, the right seed and the right balance of nutrient.

Strong roots

Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system. There is no soil, no weeding, no stooping, and very little weekly effort. The base is a water reservoir from which a pump pushes water to the top which falls on the roots of the plants. It uses just 30% of the water of a regular garden. You add fertilizer to the water and measure ph to be sure it’s in the best range.

Our single tower produces enough vegetables for the 2 of us plus quite a bit more. We gave away quite a bit during the season. If you want to know more comment on this post.

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