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The University of Calgary has some fascinating and timely webinars on health. Can a Meal be Medicine was part of a larger webinar I sat in on a month or so ago.

I learned a saying at a health course years ago that I often use.”Food is just fuel” This helps me control emotional eating. A simple statement that has helped me control emotional eating and also made me consider the type of fuel I’m using.

I read more and more about our gut health. How our microbiome affects our overall health, controls inflammation , chronic disease, and even our mental well being.

There may be a day when diet and nutrition are part of your medical treatment. I see this in more an more articles where Doctors practicing functional medicine are looking at the whole person rather than just the disease.

Research has show there is a link between the microbiome and the brain. That link is also two way. Dr. Mitra Ray says that if you can overcome your cravings for sugar by denying them for just 4 days. After 4 days the bacteria in your microbiome learn to function using other nutrition sources and reduce your cravings for sugar. This has been one of the more significant learning I’ve achieved while on Shred10.

Read the whole webinar article at Can a meal be Medicine?

What is Shred 10? Dr. Mitra Ray & Jake Kelly

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