How to choose a Nutritional Product

We’ve spent our lives trying different nutritional supplements. We relied on recommendations from friends and what we hear in the media and advertising. We’ve tried a lot of products.
I can’t think of one we found prior to 3 years ago that we still use and recommend. We did find 1 three years ago that changed everything.
What’s the difference? Well,  I retired early because my health was failing. I had serious inflammation, gout was non-stop and I feared I was on a path to a second heart issue. Of course, I relied on my Doctor. He sent me to a Heart Clinic and to a year-long weight loss and lifestyle choice course. And I was prescribed medication.
The year-long lifestyle course made me want to become an advocate for my own health and to become more knowledgeable. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t sceptical about nutritional products, my experience had made me doubtful.
I have learned there are some key points to look for in any nutritional product:


Are the ingredients real food are ingredients? If your body doesn’t understand how to use the product,  your body is going to eliminate it. Your money is wasted and your health won’t benefit. To be valuable, the product must reach your bloodstream.
What does the label say? It’s better to consume nutrition than man-made supplements.

Scientific Research

Does the product itself (not ingredients in the product) have third-party, independent, double-blind placebo-controlled, published research proving it does something good for the body? If it does, it’s probably worth taking.
It’s important the research is done by third parties. Research done on an ingredient of a product or in companies internal lab will not provide valuable information for you to make a choice.

Warning Labels

Who can take the product? If pregnant or nursing moms, children or those with immune system issues cant take it are you sure you want to?


Have you seen the news from New York about nutritional products not having whats on the label? There are third-party companies that certify whats on the label is in the product.

Company Rating

I’m sure you want to trust your health to a reputable company.
Over the years, the only company and product that have met my criteria is Juice Plus+ Yes, I’ve become a distributor. Why would I not tell my friends, family, and people I meet the benefits of a product that has done so much to improve my life?
I’ve listed a few of my favorite articles and videos about the benefits:

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BBB Screenshot

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