Daily Method of Operation

Working from home for yourself is not like working in an office. You have to set aside time to work on your business without distractions. Sounds simple, right?
My, there can be plenty of distractions to get you off track. Housework, children, the door, pets, family, phone, social media, the list goes on and on.
Daily Method of Operation paths to take
We’ve struggled with devoting time to our business for a couple of years. We’ve tried themes for days and fixed schedules. We are semi-retired now and when do we do the things we want to do to enjoy ourselves?
I did some research from some of the thought leaders I follow as well as very successful people in our team. Here are the highlights.

From Eric Worre

  • DMO has Massive power to build your business
  • Cornerstone skill for successful people
  • Skills need to be duplicatable. Success doesn’t matter, duplication does.
  • you won’t build momentum if your DMO changes monthly

From Ray Higdon

  • Consistency is key
  • Be happy and grateful
  • Start day positively
  • Take time for personal development
  • Check email social media later in the day. Don’t start your day with social media.
  • Practice gratitude

From Stacy Whitmer

  • have time for personal development
  • Be intentional with your time.
  • Develop daily themes
  • Use a Memory jogger
  • Be friends of your social media friends
  • Ask friends for recommendations.
  • Always send personal invites to events

Daily method of operation DMO

From Alisa Herriman

Alisa asks herself these questions Sunday evening and from there develops her weeks DMO.

  • who do you need to follow up with
  • who can I meet with one on one
  • what is your customer care plan this week
  • who in the team needs help launching
  • what dates are open for more parties
  • what is my new customer goal this week
  • who do you want to connect with to join the team
  • what is my upline coaching call scheduled
  • what am I plugging into this week

Our own DMO is explained in our training video:


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