JW Boothby’s W.W. 1 story

Thanks to Joan Owen and Bruce Boothby for preserving these memories and for sharing them.

I’d like to meet and flesh in some details. In the meantime, we’ll start with these photos and my initial observations.


World War 1 recruits. John bottom row, 2nd from left.

The soldier on the left has his arm in a sling. Perhaps wounded in the war and relegated to training. The man beside him has a head bandage. Canadian troops had a reputation in the war and were often sent into tough battles. I suspect their upbringing had much to do with their toughness.


John W Boothby Photo
JW Boothby and Comrades

This is a postcard with no writing. I assume John is in the picture, perhaps on the right.

JW Boothby Postcard

Another postcard with no writing.

JW Boothby Postcard

Perhaps John, maybe Ernie Crowe a friend from the area.

Christmas Greeting 1919

General Ormond was a Colonel in the 10th Battalion and a General in the 9th Infantry Brigade. 

Message from King George to troops at the end of the war.

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